How to Increase Your Revenue as a Travel agency or Tour operator

By no means does the travel industry represent a teenager in the business stratosphere. It’s an experienced lady, which employs an abundant number of people. According to the Eurostat 2015 research, the tourism industries employ an impressive 12 million people in the EU. (source)

With the increasing number of travellers that are traveling by plane, there come more and more car rental users. According to the Transparent Market Research study, such pattern is having the most prominent impact on the global rental market. (source)

The future of car rental is very bright, to put it lightly. The market’s opportunity is likely to increase up to US$290.07 bn by the end of 2024. (source) Travel industry is blooming and there is no way to stop that. However, that’s not a reason to get lazy – act in time to sell more and ensure your success, or somebody else will.

“To sell more” doesn’t relate to more customers but to the average order value (AOV).

Ancillary revenue is a forever-green buzzword in the travel industry. Airlines know how to handle upselling and cross-selling to a T since the 80s’, and one of the most promising cross-selling services are car rental offers. All the leading travel brands adopted the thrilling power of upselling and cross-selling and so should you.

  • So, how do you sell more?
  • How do you define the two buyer personas that will lead the success of your company?
  • When to upsell and cross-sell hard and when to use soft-selling tactics?
  • How is this handled by the travel titans?

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